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Sikes Lab Publications:

Lab Press:

Rindi, F., Sikes, J., and L. Shapiro (2018) The identity of Trentepohlia algae (Chlorophyta: Trentepohliales) from Point Lobos State Reserve and the San Francisco Region, California. Madroño 65: 89-95.


Bely, A.E., Zattara, E.E., and J.M. Sikes (2014). Regeneration in spiralians: evolutionary patterns and developmental processes. International Journal of Developmental Biology 58: 623-634.


Sikes, J.M. and P. A. Newmark (2013). Restoration of anterior regeneration in a planarian with limited regenerative ability. Nature 500: 77-80.


Bely, A.E. and J.M. Sikes (2010). Latent regeneration abilities persist following recent evolutionary loss in asexual annelids. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107:1464-1469.


Bely, A.E. and J.M. Sikes (2010). Acoel and platyhelminth models for stem-cell research. Journal of Biology 9:14.


Sikes, J.M. and A.E. Bely (2010). Making heads from tails: development of a reversed anterior-posterior axis during budding in an acoel. Developmental Biology 338: 86-97.


Sikes, J.M. and A.E. Bely (2008). Radical modification of the A-P axis and the evolution of asexual reproduction in Convolutriloba acoels. Evolution & Development 10: 619-631.

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